Miracle Baby Maverick: A Heartwarming Journey of Hope and Healing

11/25/2023 RMHCCI

In this heart-touching video, we share the incredible story of Maverick, a true miracle baby born at just 25 weeks, weighing only 1 lb, 10.5 ounces. Maverick's parents, Ricky Schopp and Jessica Kragness, take us through their emotional journey of hope and healing, sharing their experiences and gratitude.

Everything was going perfectly until the day Maverick was born, and it became a race against time. They describe the most dramatic moments they faced while waiting to find out if their little one had a heartbeat. With the help of St. John’s, their chances of survival increased from 25% to 65%, bringing a sigh of relief to the entire family.

Today, Maverick is thriving, just under 4 lbs, but he was born with a large PDA creating a heart murmur, and adding to the challenges the family faced.

Ricky and Jessica share their experiences and emotions, highlighting the tremendous support they received from the Ronald McDonald House Charities. They speak about the financial relief, the convenience of being close to the children's hospital, and the welcoming atmosphere of the house. Their quotes reflect the incredible impact of your support and generosity.

This video is a testament to the power of hope, love, and community. Join us in celebrating the strength of Maverick and his family as they continue their journey of healing. Share this video to spread awareness about the vital role Ronald McDonald House Charities plays in supporting families like Ricky, Jessica, and Maverick. Please consider donating to Ronald McDonald House Charities to help more families in their time of need.