Our Relationship with McDonald’s

McDonald's is our Mission Partner and largest corporate donor.  The restaurant chain was instrumental in opening the first Ronald McDonald House® in Philadelphia, and continues to be instrumental in the operations of houses worldwide.

Portions of the annual operating costs for Ronald McDonald Houses are graciously funded by Owner/Operators of local McDonald's restaurants through in-store campaigns.Hand dropping a quarter into a donation box

More specifically, local McDonald's Owner/Operators support us through:

  • Conducting the annual "Give a Little Love" fundraiser each February
  • Partnering with us for promotional and fundraising special events
  • Serving on our Board of Directors
  • Hosting RMHC donation boxes in the restaurants and drive thrus
  • Donating in-restaurant sales of USA Today and local newspapers

Although McDonald's is our largest corporate donor, no company can solely fund RMHCCI programs and our projected growth.  We need the support of the entire community and greatly value any support provided to RMHCCI, whether it's through donations, your time or other fundraising efforts.