Jaxon's Inspiring Journey: A Family's Story of Hope and Resilience at RMHCCI

10/10/2023 RMHCCI

Meet Jaxon, a remarkable 8-year-old boy who has faced more challenges in his young life than most. In this heartfelt video, we introduce you to Jaxon, his mom, Amber, and his dad, Ben, as they share their touching story of courage and perseverance during Jaxon's battle with leukemia and other health obstacles.

Jaxon's journey began with an unexpected heart defect diagnosis on the day he was born, leading to a life-saving open-heart surgery at just 15 days old. The Ronald McDonald House was not in Peoria at the time, and the family endured significant financial strain as they navigated this difficult period.

When the unthinkable happened right before Christmas, and Jaxon showed signs of influenza, it was the start of another challenging chapter. He woke up a week later with two black eyes and bruises all over his body, leading to the heartbreaking discovery of leukemia. Jaxon spent over 30 days in the hospital, facing the arduous second phase of leukemia treatment.

In their own words, Ben and Amber recount the financial and emotional burdens they faced, recalling the credit card debt, hotel stays, and restaurant expenses. However, their lives took a turn when they learned about the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Illinois (RMHCCI).

As Ben aptly puts it, "We had to be here, so we figured it out. It was a big difference until this time." With Jaxon's leukemia diagnosis, their concerns resurfaced, but the support from RMHCCI proved to be a lifeline. A dedicated caseworker provided them with the information they needed, and it was like a weight lifted off their chests.

The Ronald McDonald House became a home away from home for the family, offering them a place to eat, sleep, and stay close to the hospital. Amber fondly remembers the warm meals provided by the staff and the to-go containers filled with love.

Join us in watching this touching video that showcases the strength of Jaxon and his family, the vital role of RMHCCI, and the power of love and community in overcoming life's most challenging moments. Their story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, and it serves as a reminder of the incredible impact that RMHCCI can have on families. #RMHCCI #keepingfamiliesclose