Nolan & Meg

4/15/2022 RMHC of Central Illinois

Nolan + Meg stayed at the RMHCCI in Peoria for five weeks in the fall of 2021. Their newborn daughter was born in Champaign but was quickly transferred to OSF Children's Hospital of Illinois NICU due to an unexpected airway blockage. They had always heard great things about the RMHC from friends and family members that had utilized them in the past but had never experienced one themselves. When they arrived in Peoria with their newborn daughter, less than 24 hours after giving birth, they were worn, frazzled, and terrified. At the time, they didn't even know that there was an RMHC in Peoria. Thankfully, the wonderful nurses in the NICU literally had their backs. The nurses could see how physically and emotionally exhausted they were and placed a phone call to the staff members at RMHCCI to see if they could get a room on such short notice.

When asked if they would recommend RMHCCI, she said, "We would, without hesitation, recommend RMHCCI to anyone who needed somewhere to stay while their child was hospitalized or receiving hospital services. The help, kindness, and support they show families is truly unmatched." Meg says, "There are so many great things about the RMHCCI that it makes picking a favorite difficult. One thing that meant so much to my family was the amazing staff members that treated us so well. They asked daily for updates about both of our children (the one in the NICU and the one waiting for us at home) and made a conscious effort to remember their names and personal medical details. This was heartwarming to us. Other features of the House that we loved and found incredibly helpful were the nightly meals and the wonderful accommodations. It was so nice to be able to come back late in the evening after an exhausting day at the hospital to a hot meal and a clean/comfortable room to unwind in. These amenities took so much stress off our plates while we had many other things to worry about. We were so grateful for everything provided to us. We want to share how truly thankful we are for the RMD house in Peoria. The kindness and support the staff members showed us during one of our most difficult chapters will never be forgotten. We now consider many of them close friends and look forward to stopping by for visits whenever we are in the area. We plan to continue to express our gratitude through yearly donations to the RMHCCI and have encouraged our family and friends to do so as well. It is truly a worthy cause and a wonderful charitable foundation."

Families who stay at our Springfield and Peoria Houses are never asked to pay, and they can stay for as long as needed while their child is receiving medical care. Make your gift now! Click here: