The Dunham's

4/15/2022 RMHC of Central Illinois

The Dunham's 4-year-old son, Dawson, suffered a traumatic brain injury that required emergency surgery and a lengthy hospital stay. They were receiving care at HSHS St. John's Hospital, lived over an hour away from Springfield, and stayed at RMHCCI Springfield House to be close to Dawson. Beth's husband took turns staying at the House during this difficult time. It was a quiet space for them to get some rest and process their thoughts.

They both met other parents and grandparents experiencing life-altering events they stayed in contact with. Their favorite part was the community they gained through the employees and other guests. Also, a volunteer made this fantastic mac and cheese dinner that Beth still dreams about! Having a private space that felt as close to home as possible was the most helpful to the Dunhams. The warm meals, laundry, comfy beds, and private showers were also so beneficial after long days. When asked if she would recommend the House, she said, "I would absolutely recommend the House! It was a little bit of peace in a time completely absent of it. There aren't enough words to express our gratitude. RMHCCI was a ray of sunshine on many cloudy days for us. We were taken care of so well by all the employees (especially Katie and Trennetta.) We so appreciated the kindness and compassion shown us. I will never forget our first day at the House. Although we went separately, we had similar experiences. We toured the facility and our rooms and wept. We couldn't believe how nice everything was and that everything was donated. Finances were uncertain, our son's future was uncertain, but the kindness and care we felt were overwhelming. We cannot thank you enough!"

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